Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fears, Excitements, and Songs

Hello faithful followers! I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been giving you plenty of updates on Facebook. Don’t want to overwhelm you all! But I wanted to take some time and give you all a very special thank you! Because even as this project nears its end, my fears are just starting. Let me explain.

All the work is done. The writing phase has been over for months. The draft I had to read through last week was to catch any grammatical and layout mistakes. I signed a content approval form back in October, and now any changes I feel necessary can’t be made. And I am satisfied with the story after reading through it again. Parts of it I read and have no idea where the words came from—perhaps they are God’s words, not mine. So I can only hope that people do not get hung up on the small details I may have missed, the situations I maybe didn’t do a great job of explaining. That’s a big fear of mine—that people will get hung up on the details that don’t matter. I hope that my readers will be impacted by the gospel message, that they can find healing in Christ’s love.

But I remember back to last winter, back when I was still writing and looking into publishing. My prayer back then was “God, take this project and take it just as far as it needs to go. Change hearts with it.” That’s still my prayer today. When I get worried thinking about the 1000 copies that need to be sold I remember the real goal—to glorify Christ. To reach his lost children. To encourage his faithful followers.

So…your support has been more than encouraging. It has been a blessing straight from God! I am very excited to deliver my book into your hands and finally be able to talk to you all about Molly and the rest of the characters. It’s gonna be great!

One more thing—I am sending in a synopsis of book #2 soon! Since I am already published under Tate I get an author discount, so while the first book is being released we can start work on #2, “An Open Window.” And…I am working on book 3, "Out of the Dust." It is my hope that after reading “Another Ending” you will all fall in love with these characters as I have; then you’ll understand why I just couldn’t let them go. The second and third books are a continuation of their story.

Also, check out these songs. (if you have a ton of time on your hands!) After you read the books you can come back and see just how well they fit with these stories.

"Another Ending":

"An Open Window":

"Out of the Dust": 

I'll keep ya'll updated.