Thursday, August 23, 2012

What September holds for me: Copy-editing!

For the last three months, I’ve been doing a whole lot of working, and not much else. So not too many interesting blog posts…until now! In a little over a week, my book Another Ending will finally go into production. For someone who has dreamed of seeing my name on the front of a book, of opening it up and seeing words that came straight from my heart, this is so totally overwhelming and completely, mind blowing-ly exciting! Somewhere deep in my heart I always dreamed this would happen, but honestly, I was skeptical that it ever would. I’m my hardest critic; it doesn’t matter how many people tell me my writing is good enough to be published, it is still hard for me to grasp… especially because the story is so personal for me, because I am passionate about the issues in my book. I won’t give away too many details, but I think I’ve written before that there are some dark issues in my book, issues facing young adults, but mostly young adult women. Just a gentle reminder…if this book had a rating, it would definitely be PG13. There are graphic scenes, not too terrible but enough to shock someone too young to know that there are people out there that want to hurt them. Please be aware of that if you are sensitive to things like rape, abortion, and sexual sin. This isn’t a book for kids; it is definitely geared to young adults and adults. Be smart about letting your kids read it, and if you have questions, feel free to ask me and I’ll give you a better taste of what to expect.

With my book just about to go into production, I’ve had those issues swirling around in my head. So it is so cool that I’ve been feeling stirrings recently, little nudges telling me to pursue a career helping battered women and children. I’ve always had a heart for teenage mothers and protecting the life of the unborn, so this is right up my alley. I think working directly with women who’ve faced tough circumstances would be so rewarding. Seeing them fight for a better life for themselves and for their children would bring me so much joy. I know they would probably help me way more than I help them. Battered women with a will to survive and a drive to succeed are inspiring. So that is my short update about my education and career plans…on to the details of the first step in the production process!

There are two layers of editing: copyediting and developmental editing. The first step is copyediting, which will start for me in September. During this time my manuscript will undergo a thorough examination of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and general formatting by a highly skilled Copy Editor. They will read through the manuscript from start to finish and clean up all the small issues that may have been overlooked before submission. Because no matter how amazing spell check is…it misses a ton! Copyediting simply ensures that the text is clean, polished, and in good order before Developmental editing begins.

This will be the most laid back month of production for me, which is a huge blessing because I move into school on the 31st of August and start school on the 5th of September. I’m also going to be working this year at Wal-Mart a few evenings a week, as well as 6 hours of work study. Combine that with classes and an hour of mentoring a child at a local elementary school, my plate is not only filled, it is overflowing! I don’t have to do any work on my book in September, so I will have a few weeks to adjust to school and work before the real work begins on my book. One copyediting is complete, I will be assigned a Senior Editor for the second month of production. I will update you all on the developmental editing process closer to when it will actually be done. One step at a time, people. J

What you can do for me:

·         Please pray for me! I have a major transition happening next week: I am moving out of my house for the final time. In the spring Ben and I will begin looking for an apartment in Sioux Falls that we will move into after we get married on June 8th, 2013. (How sneaky of me…talking about my wedding. It’s my favorite thing to talk about right now!) While this is exciting, it is also very hard. I am a sap. I love being home…I’ve always been a homebody. It will be tough leaving my house for a final time and returning only as a visitor. I know my parents say that their kids are never guests, but that’s what it feels like for me. I will no longer be a permanent resident of the Watt house, so that is a little emotionally overwhelming for me.

·         It is a little weird that once school starts, I will actually have more free time. I have been working so much this summer, so once school starts I will work less and actually have some free time. But it is always a little rough falling into the swing of things, so please pray that I’d be able to adjust quickly and manage my time well. Once this first month of copyediting is over, I will actually have deadlines and will need to have things submitted to my publisher by a specific date. I will also be in the midst of planning my wedding, working on marriage counseling stuff, and welcoming my sweet niece into the world in January. Like I said…my plate is overflowing! I so appreciate your prayers that I would stay sane and able to keep on top of all this wonderful stuff that is happening to me.

·         And finally…let me know if there is a book store you want the book stocked at. Right now I am trying to get together a list of places and I need to start collecting email addresses so when the time comes I can send emails to all these people about stocking my book or hosting a book signing. Facebook me or send me an email at if you have a place in mind. And always be praying for my readers. If I can touch just one heart for Christ I will be satisfied in all this effort. One soul is worth it.

In the midst of this craziness, I keep repeating this to myself:

1 Corinthians 10:31
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

It's all for Him. All this work is worth it if I reach one soul. One soul is more than worth it. Much more.

One final tidbit: rough draft of book two is done! I go back and forth on my title for this one…my two favorites are An Open Window and The Long Way Home. Perhaps I will give you all a short blurb later and ask for suggestions. But I will not pursue publishing until I see how number one does first. If I can earn back my initial investment, which only happens if I see 1000 copies, than I will go for it. So please…buy my book when it comes out! Tell your friends, neighbors, and relatives to buy it. I say this not only because I want to earn my investment back, but because I truly feel like this is my mission field. If you want to reach someone for Christ but are unsure how to do it, you can give them a copy of my book. Read through it first, and then talk to them about it when they finish it. Challenge them about the deep issues in this book. When you read it, you’ll understand how simple it would be to bring up a discussion about Christ.

One final, final tidbit: there is a third book! Research for book three is in the very early stages. The main character from book three is a minor character in book two. Yes, it is a three part series. Book one, two, and three all feature the same characters, though book three brings out a minor character that blossoms into the main character. This woman will be loosely based off of the Bible character Rahab, from the book of Joshua in the Old Testament. If you know anything about her, you’ll have a very basic idea of the type of character she will be. Go and read her story! Check out Joshua 2.

That is really all I have, friends. Thanks for reading!

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